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Election Day 2014, First Results

According to the first data it seems that Viktor Orban will be the Prime Minister for four more years.

According to different agencies, FIDESZ won the elections by collecting over 48% of the votes. Jobbik outdid the high result of 2010 and managed to receive 18-22% of votes.

Egyutt, centre-left coalition, did not perform very well, as it appears that it collected almost as many votes as Jobbik did (19-23%). LMP, the green party, managed to get enough votes to ensure its (very little) presence in parliament (5-7%).

Compared to the previous election, the turnout decreased of almost 3%, from 59,3% in 2010 to today’s 56,8%.

TheDaily.HU will post a complete and updated article when the official results will be made public.



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