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Changes in Animal Welfare Laws

A Doberman with a docked tail

From today, August 1st, changes in animal welfare laws will come into force. A number of new regulations which regulate domestic pets will be enforced.

Docking of a dog’s tail or cropping the ears will only be possible until the animal is seven days old.
Docking is the removal of a portion of the animal’s tail, a practice which is banned in some countries, while ear cropping is the removal of part of the pinna or auricles, the visible flap of the animal’s ear, also banned in many parts of the world.

New rules on living space are also to be specified for animals of different sizes. An animal up to 20kg must have 10 m2, while animals of 20kg-40kg must have 15-20 m2. In addition small, medium and large dogs must not be kept on permanent tethers shorter than 4, 6 and 8 metres in length respectively.

All kittens and puppies must be kept with their mothers until the age of eight weeks.

The most significant change in the law will come into force by January 2013 when dogs over the age of four months must be chipped by a trained vet. The cost of this will be 3500 forints which includes the chip insertion and registration on the national database.

Laws for small veritable animals will change also, they must not be kept in circular based cages or ball shaped aquariums, adults must have a living space above 30 litres.

Fines of one hundred and fifty thousand forints will be handed out to anyone engaging in animal cruelty, abandonment or dog fighting, this includes the supply of property or equipment. A fine of several hundred thousand forints will be given in more extreme cases.

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